Are your once beautiful hardwood floors beginning to look tired and worn?

With nearly 40 years of experience, Artisan Floors has the expertise to repair, restore, or refinish your hardwood floors.

Matt Sziber, owner of Artisan Floors, acts as project manager as well as floor finisher on all projects. He has specialized in wood floors since 1979 and works with an experienced crew.

Residential and Commercial Hardwood Flooring

A hardwood floor is an investment which enhances the beauty and comfort of your home or business. Whether you live in a contemporary, urban condominium or a cozy country cottage it is likely that if you have a hardwood floor you will want to take good care of it and ensure it remains in near-perfect condition.

Gymnasium Floors

Artisan offers gym floor refinishing, repairs, a professional graphics department, game line striping, new collegiate three point arch, dustless maintenance and re-coating procedure. Serving Athens, Georgia and surrounding counties.

We own and operate state of the art floor sanders designed exclusively for gymnasium work.

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